Just Another Thing

09 Apr 2016

Found floating around inside a ZIP kept on Google Drive uploaded while backing up some of the contents a Seagate 1TB external hard drive I used while an undergrad.

Flappy Bird Code Injection

28 Mar 2016

Yesterday, I became the first human to do something much crazier on console. I used a series of Super Mario World glitches to inject 331 bytes of processor instructions into system RAM. It was the source code for Flappy Bird.

Single Points of Failure

31 Jan 2016

A neat thing happened to me while I was work-traveling.

My only personal computer, which doubled as my work computer, found itself with a bum SSD. Among other things, I lost my music, work and personal code, pictures, and all my private RSA keys.

This is about the third time something like this has happened to me. Each time I say I’m going to do backups. And then I’m lax.

Back up your garbage.

(Thankfully I had backups of music and pictures, but they were on a hard drive in California, though I was in Pennsylvania at the time. Hrm.)

Another Random Bit

13 Nov 2015

I’ve spent years trying to make my way through David Foster Wallace. I attempted to read Infinite Jest when I was 18, but after a hundred pages found myself underwater, unable to grasp something so difficult (a teachable moment). I tried again several years ago, and felt almost ready, but, like a marathon runner, needed training. I bought The Broom of the System and A Supposedly Fun Thing I’ll Never Do Again and read them slowly, learning how to absorb each phrase and parenthetical.

Thankfully, some have uploaded DFW readings to Youtube, making them accessible to everyone. It was essential to my “training” to hear him read his own work, to finally get the voice in my head.

There’s really nothing eloquent I can add to the mountain that’s already been said about Wallace’s work. Just that, with some maturity, I finally feel at home in them, in the jocular humor, disarming sincerity, and encyclopedic asides. It’s an intellectual blood bank.

(Infinite Jest remains packed in my storage closet due to its heft, but it’s the first thing I’m going to start when I return to the Bay.)