03.31.2015 KZSU Set

26 Apr 2015

This was the last set that I performed on my show, Setting Fire to the Lab. I’m planning on taking a break from broadcasting for a while. Between already working on KZSU’s Wednesday Night Live, commuting to and from work, and trying to maintain a social life, I was feeling a strain. After some time off, I may return, and probably under the guise of a new show title.

When I started doing radio, most of music fell strictly into the “math-“ or “post-“ sub-(sub)-genres. I think this playlist demonstrates a decent progression since then, away from such stringent definitions and restrictions. I’m now way more inclined to add plenty of noise, punk, ambient, and metal into the prog-heavy mix. Remaining in one genre for so long can be exhausting.

Lots of classic tracks and bands here, as well as some new music from The Aerosols and Hidden Hospitals.