Working From the Road

04 Oct 2015

I’m moving out of my house in Cupertino and taking a brief working vacation away from the Bay Area. It’s been a long time since I have seen any of my family or friends back east, so while my current job allows me to work remotely most of the time, I’m going to be working from the road.

A lot of couch surfing is in my future.

This is the approximate schedule I’ve got planned so far:

After these two months, I have little idea what’s going to happen. Towards the beginning of December I may start looking for a new apartment. Or, I may decide to keep flying a bit longer, visiting more friends and (maybe!) more far-out places.

I realize I’m very lucky to be in this situation. Some people would take “work remotely” as a literal directive, traveling the world and keeping up with their job. I’m not quite ready for that yet; I’m using this as an opportunity to dip my toe into the water and see how it feels.

For now, I’ve put all of my belongings into storage, sold or donated my extraneous belongings, and packed three small bags containing clothes, toiletries, computers, and audio gear (e.g. headphones). For now, I’m untethered.

(There are a few good reasons for doing this, beyond simply visiting close friends and family. I’m hoping to write about that soon. I’d like to believe that I’ll be doing more journaling while traveling, but we all know how that kind of wishful thinking goes.)