Packing and Storing

25 Oct 2015

It’s unsettling and alienating to see my whole life’s possessions packed into a small storage container. A bed, desk, bike, music equipment, clothes, and so many heavy boxes of books. At first, there’s the faint tug: “Wow, if this small closet is everything you’ve amassed, you really haven’t come far at all.”

The feeling subsides quickly. In a permanent residence, it’s easy to become comfortable and complacent. Accumuluting stuff is inertia, and soon you’ve made a nest that’s impossible to abandon. I’d like to think that my small footprint means I examine critically and retain only the minimal set of what I need; the more desperate truth is that by living small I won’t have to commit, and I won’t be pinned in place.

A great advantage when flying away.

Packing for the trip is easy when almost everything else had to go in storage. Here’s a brief snapshot of everything I brought with me.

The goal is to fly with just bags: one for clothing, and the other dedicated to office necessities. This is not a vacation, and I’m lucky enough to work remotely while I meandering. Here’s the shipping manifest, in so many pictures.

Some pants, sweaters, too many black tshirts (and one white one), and the many unmentionables. It’s surprising how compact all this clothing can become when rolled. I used the Ranger Roll to middling success.

A collection of mostly office materials, to be hauled around in day-to-day work. The essentials:

Toiletries, footwear, and essential towel weren’t packed in that “work bag” but fit nicely in that faux grid.