This is AJ Ferrick. This site has been up-and-down for the last few years, but I'm trying to revive it more permanently. I lost my previous content to a corrupted hard here we are: running up the hill again.

I tweet, track my listening habits, write code sometimes, and track my identity with Keybase. You can reach me over email at Encrypted communication is also welcome, and you can find my public key here.

I used to work for a news company called Circa. I worked on our backend systems: APIs, data, internal tooling, and probably more. Everything that didn't show up on a phone. Circa, as you probably once knew it, is now defunct. I moved over with most of my team to The Daily Dot, which is full of very interesting people and cool coworkers.

I graduated from Case Western's Control Systems engineering program in 2011 and Stanford's Management Science masters program in 2014. My experience with the MS&E department seems out-of-place — overall it was a positive experience, but my feelings are conflicted enough not to cover here. Maybe over beer.

I still volunteer at KZSU Stanford 90.1 FM. I do a bunch of things there: DJing, live audio production, trying to keep the computers running. It's a good place and has been important to me.

This website runs on a simple stack: Jekyll, git, nginx, all on DigitalOcean.