Packing and Storing

25 Oct 2015

It’s unsettling and alienating to see my whole life’s possessions packed into a small storage container. A bed, desk, bike, music equipment, clothes, and so many heavy boxes of books. At first, there’s the faint tug: “Wow, if this small closet is everything you’ve amassed, you really haven’t come far at all.”

The feeling subsides quickly. In a permanent residence, it’s easy to become comfortable and complacent. Accumuluting stuff is inertia, and soon you’ve made a nest that’s impossible to abandon. I’d like to think that my small footprint means I examine critically and retain only the minimal set of what I need; the more desperate truth is that by living small I won’t have to commit, and I won’t be pinned in place.

A great advantage when flying away.


Working From the Road

04 Oct 2015

I’m moving out of my house in Cupertino and taking a brief working vacation away from the Bay Area. It’s been a long time since I have seen any of my family or friends back east, so while my current job allows me to work remotely most of the time, I’m going to be working from the road.

A lot of couch surfing is in my future.


CHON Live in Austin

15 Sep 2015

I leave this with very few comments, other than I’ve watched it every day for the last two weeks, at least. There are few times that I listen to a band and my jaw drops; this was one of those times.

Art of Repetition, BTTLS

23 Jul 2015

Listening to this has me itching to pre-order, especially to hear that song they were jamming to in the studio near the end of the video.